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Experienced In Sensitive Domestic Violence Issues

Are you and your child victims of domestic violence in your home?

Have you been falsely accused of spousal abuse or child abuse in Western North Carolina?

The attorneys who fully address an abused victim’s need for a restraining order or 50-B civil action can be found at The Pendleton Law Firm, in Lincolnton.

A protective order under statute 50-B is a civil order that prohibits contact between parties who have had a domestic relationship. It could be issued in connection with criminal charges such as assault, assault on a female, battery, criminal trespass, stalking, terroristic threats, child endangerment or harassment.

A victim may ask for 50-B order without notifying the party being complained about, and can do so by simply contacting a magistrate. The order will not be in effect until the other party has received a copy of it. This order will be in effect for 10 days until a hearing. At this hearing, the person who is the target of the allegations can challenge them.

If you are planning to file or contest a 50-B order, contact The Pendleton Law Firm to arrange your initial consultation. For more than 50 years, we have protected the rights of people just like you.

Providing Representation With Excellence For Domestic Violence Victims

A 50-B protective order ruling allows a judge to prohibit a person from having contact with an alleged victim and his or her family, in addition to ordering:

  • Monetary support
  • Adjustments to child custody and child visitation arrangements
  • Eviction of the defendant and relinquishing of a home to the victim
  • Referring of child abuse cases to police and prosecutors for possible prosecution
  • Mandatory months of anger management programs
  • Prohibitions on firearms ownership by the assailant

Regardless of which side you are on in a “he said, she said” domestic situation, you can depend on our law firm’s skills, personal service and sensitivity to your unique situation. We want to be available to address your questions and concerns throughout the process.

Contact us. The Lincolnton domestic violence lawyers of The Pendleton Law Firm offer initial consultations arranged at 704-666-2368 or by email.