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The Skill You Need In Adoption Matters

For skilled attention to your family’s plan to pursue an infant, grandparent or stepparent adoption in Western North Carolina, come to the compassionate attorneys of The Pendleton Law Firm in Lincolnton.

For more than 50 years of successful family law practice in Western North Carolina, The Pendleton Law Firm attorneys have protected the rights of people just like you — and “the best interests of the child” — for all adoption, custody, visitation, child support and legitimation issues.

Adopting parents deserve experienced guidance and compassion during the often complex legal process. For whatever adoption goal you bring to us — adoption of an infant through an agency, an arranged adoption, adoption of a foster child or of a stepchild, our lawyers will supply you with the facts and options you need to be aware of, and expedite your case as efficiently as possible.

The decision to adopt affects everyone in your family, and will for the rest of your lives. For caring and responsive representation with excellence that fully addresses your needs and concerns, contact The Pendleton Law Firm today to arrange your initial consultation.

Experienced Adoption Legal Assistance For More Than 50 Years

You can expect aggressive advocacy of your objectives for a/an:

  • Relative adoption
  • Infant adoption
  • Stepparent or grandparent adoption
  • Foster child adoption

Are you considering an infant adoption assisted by an agency? Adoption of a child from an extended family member? Adoption of a stepchild after remarriage? A The Pendleton Law Firm, adoption attorney provides honest answers to your questions and ensures that you understand the complexity of the legal process.

You can contact our Lincolnton adoption lawyers right now at 704-666-2368 or by email to secure your initial consultation.