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Experienced Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

The decision to divorce is never easy. The potential impact of divorce on a family’s finances, a child’s emotional well-being, and ownership of marital property can have you feeling confused and overwhelmed about an uncertain future.

At The Pendleton Law Firm, a family law firm in Lincolnton our versatile divorce lawyers handle every detail that the end of a marriage can mean — from assisting with division of assets to negotiation of child custody issues, litigating an alimony settlement and modifying divorce obligations when changes in circumstance arise.

Since our law offices were established more than 50 years ago, our experienced family law attorneys have dedicated themselves to providing excellence in representation, no matter how difficult the challenge. Our efficient team approach can help you end your marriage with dignity and transition you and your children to a serene, brighter post-divorce future.

Contact us to arrange your initial consultation and to find out how we can help with your contested or uncontested divorce.

North Carolina Family Lawyers Dedicated To Excellence In Representation

The Pendleton Law Firm attorneys offer sound guidance on any issue for your uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce litigation such as:

Our compassionate lawyers know the pressures you are dealing with, and the stressful issues for which you need comfort and closure. We want our leadership to promote the peace of mind you deserve. We are responsive to any question or concern you might have, no matter how sudden, throughout the legal process.

Contact The Pendleton Law Firm. Your initial consultation with our experienced Lincolnton divorce attorneys can be arranged at 704-666-2368 or by email. An evening appointment is available upon request.