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These professions have the highest divorce rates

On Behalf of | May 4, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many different factors help determine if your North Carolina marriage succeeds, and one variable that may play a role in how long your marriage lasts is the profession in which you and your spouse work. Research indicates that individuals who work in certain fields are more likely to divorce than those in others.

According to LendingTree, other factors, such as finances and how long you and your spouse have known each other, also help determine whether your marriage lasts the long haul. However, you are statistically more likely to have a hard time making things work if one or both of you work in the following professions.


If you or your spouse makes a living working as a server or bartender, you are at high risk for divorce. Bartenders have a divorce rate of 4.34% and are more likely to divorce their spouses than professionals in all other solo lines of work. The divorce rate among all professionals working in food preparation and serving is 2.49% and is slightly higher among women who hold hospitality jobs.

Health care support

If you or your husband or wife earns a living working in health care support, you also face a heightened chance of your marriage ending in a divorce. Home health aides, psychiatric aides, and nursing and physical therapist assistants are among those who fall under the health care support staff umbrella. The divorce rate among health care support staff is 2.65%, with women in the field again facing a higher chance of divorce than men.

Military members, members of law enforcement and those who work in janitorial or cleaning and maintenance roles are among others who face heightened chances of their marriages ending in divorce.