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Month: February 2021

What steps do you take to avoid probate?

To ensure you take care of your loved ones after your death, you cultivate a sound estate plan. Did you take steps to avoid probate?  Forbes describes how not avoiding probate sometimes becomes a misstep when securing your legacy. Learn how to make sure your assets...

How long a divorce may take in North Carolina

Divorce is often an expensive, contentious and difficult process; like many others, your goal is probably to try to get through it quickly. Frequently, people become frustrated when their divorce starts “taking too long.”  How long your divorce ends up taking depends...

Deathbed last wishes and handwritten wills

Whether planning a Last Will and Testament in North Carolina, helping a loved one through the will process or facing probate, two common concerns are whether courts admit handwritten wills with no witnesses or deathbed last wishes.  It comes as no surprise that states...