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How long a divorce may take in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2021 | Firm News

Divorce is often an expensive, contentious and difficult process; like many others, your goal is probably to try to get through it quickly. Frequently, people become frustrated when their divorce starts “taking too long.” 

How long your divorce ends up taking depends heavily on your specific situation. However, according to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, you will need to live separately from your spouse for one year before you can file for divorce. Even after this waiting period to file, the divorce will take 30-90 days if neither spouse contests it. However, if one of you does contest the divorce, it may take even longer. 

What could cause a contested divorce to take such a long time?

Divorce is emotional, but it is also a financial process. Depending on your financial situation, you may need to engage multiple professionals to fully document your assets. Both you and your ex-spouse must have a full understanding of your joint finances. Often, one or the other partner involved in the divorce to spend time on financial catch-up. 

The presence of children also makes divorce take longer. You will need to create a comprehensive parenting plan with your ex-spouse. Otherwise, you may need to go through a lengthy trial process if you seek sole custody. 

What are the other reasons?

If you and your ex-spouse have a contentious relationship, this likely will cause additional delays. It is a good idea to have a comprehensive emotional support network in place as you are going through this process. Working with qualified counselors and therapists can help a divorce take less time.