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How should you talk to your children about your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Firm News

Finding a time to address a major life change may frighten a lot of parents. Children could react poorly or even refuse to discuss the topic at all. 

However, knowing a few methods for approaching this subject can help you stay focused and calm. 

Expect the unexpected

According to Psychology Today, many children may blame themselves for the split. Some may assume they did something to warrant this, while others may assume you and your ex-spouse will eventually change your minds. 

Preparing ahead of time for the reality that you may face tough questions and surprising conclusions is important. Some people feel more comfortable writing down a script of what they want to say in order to make sure they do not miss any important details. 

Set the appropriate tone

Instead of adopting a nervous tone, choose to focus on the facts. Talk plainly and honestly about what the new housing arrangements will be or where your children will go to school. 

Explain these changes in ways each age group of children will understand. For younger kids, fewer details are necessary, while older children may need a more thorough explanation. Never badmouth your ex-spouse in front of other members of your family. 

Remind them you care

Being more vocal about your love and setting aside extra time to spend with your children can help ease their minds. During the conversation, make sure to emphasize that you still love one another and that you still respect your ex-spouse. 

Divorce can be a complicated subject, but supporting your children by giving them extra hugs and playing more together can help them understand that no matter what happens, you still are there for them.