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Why should you avoid social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Divorce

Nowadays, when you go through an emotionally taxing, disruptive time, you may go straight to social media. For most adults, social media is an integral part of their routine. Unfortunately, social media can also potentially inflict harm on the divorce proceedings.

You may want to avoid social media during your divorce.

Preserve your privacy and confidentiality

About 72% of the public uses social media. Odds are, most of your friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues have a social media presence. Given the sensitive and personal information most divorces contain, when you share the details on social media, you jeopardize your privacy.

You cannot guarantee which of your mutual friends, family members or other connections may deliver information about your social life, finances or other struggles to your ex-spouse or his or her attorneys. Your social media can impact the outcome of your settlement.

Prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation

Social media does not have the nuance and context you have in a face-to-face conversation. Posts become misconstrued and taken out of context, which can cause unnecessary conflict with your ex-spouse. It can also lead to misinterpretations from your support network.

Miscommunication can lead to a public dispute or argument with your ex on social media. When you escalate tension, reaching a solution or working together in an amicable divorce can become more challenging.

Regarding social media, the courts can use all public posts against you. Your social media presence can undermine your credibility and help your former spouse’s lawyer build a case against you.