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Can I pick my children’s babysitter after my divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Child Custody

Divorce can pose challenges for a young family, particularly when it comes to the minor children involved. It is natural to want to ensure that safe and capable individuals care for your children when you are not around.

Without a plan, determining who will babysit your kids can cause tension during and after divorce proceedings.

Review your custody agreement provisions

During the divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex will make custody and visitation agreements. These agreements can outline who can make decisions regarding the children’s care and well-being. The documents may also include restrictions on who can provide childcare services.

Concerned parents commonly insert a first-refusal right into the custody agreement. With this type of clause, your ex has a legal obligation to invite you to babysit your children during their parenting time. If you refuse, your ex can ask a babysitter or someone else to look after the kids.

Factors to consider with a babysitter

Who you choose to watch your children can have a profound impact on them. According to Psychology Today, caretakers can significantly impact your child’s development. Parents and family factors (including quality parent-child interactions) can affect your child’s development more than the type of child care. Therefore you having the first option to babysit your children can positively affect your family.

If you or your ex do need to opt for a babysitter to care for your children, consider the following qualities before selecting an individual:

  • playful and imaginative
  • highly responsible and reliable
  • prior caretaking experience
  • possess patience
  • training and safety certifications

Overall, putting the effort in to address babysitting topics in your custody agreement before the end of your divorce can help alleviate future contention with the other parent.