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Why are divorces more common at certain times of the year?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

Once the holidays are over, people return to their ordinary routines. It is during these times that many notice an increase in divorces.

While divorces are highest in March and August, many couples also separate right after the holidays.

Why do many couples file for divorce in August and March?

It is common for couples to file for a divorce in August. Summer vacation has come to an end, and many couples want to spend extra time with their children first. Couples may likely file for divorce in March for the same reason. They wait until after spring break to file.

Why do couples file for divorce after the holidays?

Another common time for people to obtain a divorce is in January, right after the holidays. Often couples try to give their marriage one more chance during the festive season. Still, these times can be stressful. Couples who are struggling in their relationship do not want to let their children down. They also want the holidays to be a happy event for their friends and family.

Add in other factors, such as marital misconduct, and couples decide that the marriage is not working. They then file for a divorce once the holidays are over.

For couples who have children, the important thing to remember is to keep things as amicable as possible. Both partners should sit down and discuss how they will raise their children. If they can settle important issues such as where the children will live, they make the process easier for everyone.