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How can nesting help your children adjust to divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Child Custody

When your children first learn about your divorce, they may show signs of stress and sadness.

Nesting, or bird nesting, is one way to help children adjust. This form of living can be easier for them when times are turbulent and full of confusion over what will happen next.


According to NBC News, nesting consists of your children staying in a house or apartment while you and your co-parent take turns living in it with them. Instead of your children changing places every week or month, they get to live in one place all the time.

This can help provide a sense of stability to their daily lives. They will not have to worry about packing up their belongings and potentially forgetting an important item at the other house.

Less worry for the children

This can also simplify issues you may face while caring for your children in the time after a divorce, like figuring out scheduling problems for dropping them off or picking them up. Keeping any family rules and disciplinary tactics the same can also help your children focus more on schoolwork instead of on trying to adjust to a new situation.

Allows you to cooperate

The best way to know if this arrangement will work for you is to talk honestly with your co-parent about sharing the same space at different times. Making sure to replace any food ingredients or items like toilet paper whenever you both need them can help you live in harmony.

Nesting is one option for parents who want to reduce the stress their children feel while going through the process of divorce.