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Is your executor a good pick?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

Having a good executor for your estate is one of the best ways to have peace of mind about your estate after your death. A good executor can ensure that all of your wishes get met and that your will is honored in the way you wish.

It is important to know if your executor has what it takes to stand up to the immense pressure this role can bring on, though.

Handling your funeral and finances looks into all of the tasks an executor must carry out and all of the responsibilities they hold. It is not simply the executor’s job to handle your funeral or to contact your loved ones to pass out assets. That is just one part of the entire umbrella of estate plan management that will fall on their shoulders alone.

First, it is up to them to organize and manage your funeral and how you wish your body cared for after your death. Then, they must handle the financial affairs of your estate, such as paying ongoing bills, dealing with outstanding debt and managing your taxes for this final year.

To that end, they should also know what services to terminate – such as subscription boxes and internet – to save money for the estate and your beneficiaries.

Necessary professional skills

They need many professional skills like timeliness, organization, the ability to speak to other people well in stressful situations, and the ability to direct themselves without management. The position of executor is a massive role, so it is important to make sure your pick can actually fill it.