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How does technology help long-distance co-parents?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Firm News

Technology has come a long way in a short period. These days, it is hard to find anything that does not have some sort of technological augmentation or involves technology in some part of the process.

How does it help long-distance co-parents, though? Can it help grow and maintain healthy relationships?

The usefulness of technology

Parents discuss how someone could potentially handle the hurdles of a long-distance co-parenting arrangement. Of course, most parents do not go into co-parenting arrangements with one expecting to pull out and move far away. This often happens as life circumstances change. For example, some of the top reasons for relocating involve new job opportunities, military relocations and having to move to take care of family members during times of duress.

With this sudden change, it can put miles of distance between a co-parent and a child. But this does not mean that all communication must stop. Technology offers many opportunities and ways to keep in contact, no matter how far people live from one another.

Reliable communication schedules

Some parents suggest setting up a communication schedule to ensure regular communication. For example, pick a day or time when everyone has a little breathing room and freedom. Then, have a video or voice call at that time every week, or as close to weekly as possible.

It also helps to keep other avenues of conversation open, as this can help children reach out first and feel more comfortable in their chosen communication. For example, answer texts where possible and make it clear that children can reach out whenever they feel it necessary. This can help further strengthen the parent-child bond and trust that already exists.