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Should you consider bird nesting after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2021 | Child Custody

In the past, divorcing parents usually moved into two separate residences after selling the family home. If the parents chose to share custody of the kids, they would shuttle the young ones between each parent’s home at the beginnings and ends of scheduled parenting time. 

Today, parents often have more options for meeting the needs of their post-divorce families. Bird nesting is one of them. With this arrangement, the kids stay in the family home, while each parent rotates in and out of it. Before deciding to bird nest, though, you must carefully weigh its pros and cons. 

Bird nesting provides stability

By keeping the kids in the family home, you provide a stable environment for the young ones in your family. Nevertheless, because you must regularly move into and out of the family home, you may feel somewhat unstable when bird nesting. 

Bird nesting may be more expensive

If you opt for bird nesting, you must pay expenses at your new house and the family residence. While you are likely to share some common costs with your ex-spouse, bird nesting may be more expensive than a conventional post-divorce living arrangement. 

Bird nesting facilitates cooperation

You want your kids to know you and your ex-spouse are ok after your divorce. With bird nesting, you cooperate to raise the kids in the family home. This cooperative spirit may help your children adjust to their new way of life. 

Bird nesting does not always work

If you do not get along with your children’s co-parent, bird nesting may simply not be an option. After all, constantly fighting over matters at the family home may cause a breakdown in your bird nesting arrangement. 

Ultimately, only you, your ex-spouse and your kids know whether bird nesting is likely to work for your family.