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Getting Organized Can Help Mitigate The Pain Of A Divorce


This article looks at why good organization is vital for achieving a divorce agreement that is in one’s best interests.

While there is rarely a completely painless way to divorce, there are ways to help lessen the impact a divorce can have on one’s emotional, physical, and financial well-being. As Forbes points out, one of the keys to making a divorce easier on oneself is by getting organized beforehand. Organization, in fact, could help one keep the costs of a divorce down and increase the chances of a more beneficial divorce settlement. Below is a brief look at how organization plays a crucial role in the ultimate outcome of a divorce.

Why Get Organized?

A “successful” divorce is often measured in terms of whether or not a divorce agreement is more beneficial to one party than the other. Of course, while determining what is beneficial is a highly subjective measure, most people going through a divorce have some idea of what they would like to see in a final divorce agreement. For some, for example, holding onto the spousal home may be their paramount concern, while for others the most important concern will be with issues concerning child custody and parenting plans.

What is certain is that when negotiating a divorce agreement knowledge is a powerful tool. The spouse that has his or her financial and legal documents in order early on will simply have a better idea of where he or she stands financially. As such, that party will typically be in a stronger position since he or she will know what kind of divorce agreement will be most beneficial during his or her post-divorce life. Furthermore, that party’s attorney, by having these documents early on, will have more time to help plan a strategy for getting the client the best divorce agreement possible.

How To Get Organized

As U.S. News and World Report notes, there are certain steps one can take in the days and weeks immediately preceding a divorce that will make the prospect of a beneficial divorce agreement more likely. One of the most important steps is gathering the financial documents that will be necessary for helping to determine how a marital estate should be fairly divided. These documents may include items such as bank and credit card statements, recent pay stubs, tax returns, insurance policies, and retirement plans.

Additionally, it may be a good idea to check one’s credit report, close any joint accounts, and open separate bank and credit accounts prior to filing for divorce. These moves may help protect one from some unforeseen financial consequences of a divorce.

Family Law

For those preparing for a divorce, an attorney can provide useful advice and representation. In addition to helping a client prepare for a divorce, including by informing them of what financial and related documents will need to be gathered prior to the divorce, an attorney can provide clients with strong representation when negotiating a final divorce settlement.