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Does Divorce Have Any Benefits?

Divorce often has a negative connotation, but many people find there are unexpected benefits they got from the process. Find out what perks may come with a divorce.

People typically look at divorce in a negative light. It is the end of a marriage and often means the separation of a family. It leads to stress and is an emotional process.

Despite the negative aspects of the process, there are some benefits. Benefits occur in a personal way for those going through the divorce, and they may also occur within society as effects of the process.

Personal Benefits

Reader’s Digest explains that some people feel like they leave a divorce situation with better self-esteem. They learn a lot about themselves, which allows them to grow as a person and to develop traits they never thought possible.

Some divorced individuals experience better relationships. They may end up becoming closer to their family members and friends than they ever could be during the marriage. Some people even find they have a better relationship with their former spouse due to having to talk through things during the divorce process and learning how to co-parent effectively. They may even develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with their children.

Finally, some people who divorce feel the process enables them to better understand what they want from a relationship and what makes a happy relationship. The failed marriage and the divorce process can teach a lot about disfunction in a relationship as well so that a person can work on their issues before trying another romantic relationship.

Benefits To Society

Divorce may seem like it harms society because it often leads to people entering the social welfare system. However, the United States Census Bureau suggests that there are some definitive benefits that come from divorce that help society.

One result of divorce is a higher level of investment in schooling, especially when the woman in the relationship receives a high settlement. It also increases women in the workforce.

Divorce will also lower the incidences of family violence and female suicide rates. Surprisingly, it also increases birthrates, which can be incredibly beneficial in areas suffering from low birth rates.

It may be easy to only look at divorce in a negative light, but when a divorce occurs due to unhappiness or to escape an abusive situation, it can lead to many positive things. Anyone who feels their marriage is over should consult with a divorce attorney, such as those at the Pendleton Law Firm. An attorney can help navigate the process and determine if it is the right thing to do.